The Big Idea: How to Prevent YouTube Paid Ads from Playing on Your Channels 

Paid YouTube ads can be an annoying hinderance to your showroom channels.  Showroom Tracker’s software is designed to allow you to leverage the power and scope of YouTube to build customized channels to your televisions that specifically brand your store and provide your customers with targeted ‘Why Buy Here’ information about your dealership.  Controlling your in-dealership content is a significant feature of the Showroom Tracker software.  In this blog post, we’ll detail how you can go even a step further and eliminate the annoying YouTube paid advertisements from interjecting into your channel.

First, let’s describe what a YouTube paid advertisement is.  YouTube is at its core a search engine.  The content provided in the searches are all videos, but the function and process for delivering that content to a consumer is achieved in the same manner as any other search engine.  A user enters search terms that are relevant for the content they are seeking, and YouTube delivers the most popular and closest matches to the search terms provided.  How YouTube earns revenue is by offering advertisers the ability to place their ads in front of the videos that are most popular, or that are closely matched to the search terms they submit to buy.

These advertisements can be at best an annoying interruption to your channels and at worst could actually broadcast the television commercials of some of your more savvy competitors.  

Don’t worry, there’s a very easy to implement solution to stop these ads from playing on your channel.  Simply add the Google Ad Blocker, which you can download here, to any computers used to run channels on your televisions.  The ad blocker is designed to prevent paid advertisements throughout your web browsing experience and works wonderfully in eliminating the annoying paid ads that may pop up on your channels.  The software is FREE to download, though you may be asked by the developers to donate to support the software, which is completely up to your discretion whether or not to choose to do so.

Simply follow the on-screen instructions to add the software.  The entire process takes about 30 seconds to add after following the download link. Remember though, that when launching your television channels, the Showroom Tracker software is optimized to run with the Google Chrome web browser.  So, in order for the ad blocker to work for you, you must download the blocker using your Chrome browser and not Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser which you may be more accustomed to using.

Once the ad blocker software is installed as an app to your chrome browser, you’ll notice that the ads are gone the very next time you launch one of your customized channels to a television in your store.

Your customers can now go back to enjoying Korean pop artists while they wait for their next oil change.