The Chromebook Solution 

The Samsung Chromebook is the preferred solution of the Showroom Tracker team to run your television displays. Its low cost ($249 at the time of this writing), sleek and compact design, as well as its ease of use right out of the box, make the Chromebook the ideal computer solution to run your displays.

You can purchase your Wi-Fi Chromebook by following this link:
Samsung Chromebook on Amazon

Do you have to use a Chromebook as the computer to run a television display?

No. The Samsung Chromebook is simply our suggestion as we find it to be the most affordable and easy to use option. The Chromebook is ready to go right out of the box. It is purely a computer designed to browse the web, so the Chromebook does not come pre-installed with a number of unnecessary software items that you’d find when purchasing other personal computers.

Can I use an existing PC or Laptop that is presently unused to run our television displays?

Yes. The key is to make sure that your output is run via an HDMI Out adapter on your computer. Keep in mind that many older laptops and most desktops may not have this type of port. The HDMI is preferred over a traditional VGA port as the resolution and responsiveness will be crisper and perform better.

Do I need a separate Chromebook or other pc option for each television that runs a display?

Yes. Showroom Tracker is a web-based software utility. When running a display, each television is essentially being used as an over-sized monitor. The Chromebook, or other PC option, simply connects to the television in the same way you would connect a desktop computer to a monitor. The presentations are run via a dedicated URL that is run through the web browser of the computer device connected to the television.