Simple CRM Integration Polishes the Showroom Tracker Experience

Have you ever had a salesperson “forget” to log one of their UPs in your CRM? Perhaps that customer was “just looking” or “they made it clear they weren’t ready to buy yet”. Certainly you’ve never heard a story like that from a salesperson in your store… The trouble is, for as fantastic as a CRM is, they are only as good as the information that is input into them.

As a manager you know all of the truths. You know that while your store looks fancy, the staff has their fair share of winning smiles, and the free popcorn just can’t be beat, there are just better things to do on a Saturday afternoon than to stop by your store to be “just looking”.

When a fresh UP comes onto your lot, they are in play. They’ve come to your home field and you hold the advantage of having prepped your playbook to own your turf. Allowing that customer to leave without at least collecting their basic information is just not acceptable. Not for you. Because as a manager, you know what you’ve invested in bringing that customer to your store. The advertising dollars, the branding, the ‘We’ve Gone Bananas’ Gorilla on your roof. You are deeply invested in the opportunity to sell that customer a car. Losing them without collecting their information is just asking for the dealer down the street close them on their turf.

Because of this, you’ve likely put in place backup measures to make sure you at least have an on-paper recording of that customer’s visit. Whether it be a scratch pad, a spreadsheet file or a paper desk log pad, you’ve got some measure to ensure that you are recording all activity that happens in your store.

Showroom Tracker takes that part, the manual part, the part where you chicken scratch your way through a customer’s sales progress and creates a simple to use, easy to understand, and quick to input way to monitor your traffic that will not only accurately record your UPs, but will also give you a dynamic management tool that removes the burden from your sales managers and takes productivity tracking to a level that will transform your sales force.

Whether you’ve recognized it or not, you’ve been doubling your efforts to recording your UPs.  You’re tracking your activity through two methods in the hopes that the combination of the two will yield a single accurate recording of your store’s traffic that doesn’t allow for any customers to squeak through the cracks.

With Showroom Tracker, you can log your UPs in our extremely easy to use software.

Showroom Tracker's UP LogOnce logged, the customer information will automatically  feed to your CRM in the form of an ADFXML email lead.

UP Email to Integrate with CRM

From there, your BDC or Internet Department that handles internet leads will recognize the lead source as Showroom Tracker and know that the customer is presently physically at your store.  They can assign that customer to your salesperson and mark them as a showroom visit to ensure that the customer remains in the correct portion of your sales follow up process.

In the meantime, logging the sales progress of your UPs in Showroom Tracker feeds throughout the Showroom Tracker software.

This is where you truly see the power of Showroom Tracker come to life, as the showroom productivity information feeds your television displays.

From Appointment Boards, Leader Boards, Goal Boards, Sales Boards, YouTube Videos, Box Office Slides, and our customizable Bottom Line Ticker to scroll your Sales and other information,


Showroom Tracker empowers you to give life to your showroom like never before.

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