Showroom Tracker: A CRM we are not….nor would we want to be.

A common misconception with Showroom Tracker is that we are simply yet another CRM, which perhaps derives from the ‘Tracker’ portion of our name.  In reality, Showroom Tracker is not a CRM at all, and our primary intention is one that is very different from the typical CRM.

It’s ironic really that the term CRM, which in itself means Customer Relationship Management, applies to the nature of the software offered to dealers to help them manage their relationships with their customer base.  Yet, often times the prevailing opinion among dealers is that their CRM is cumbersome, unreliable, expensive, difficult to train and not supported well by the vendor….all of which lend to a managed customer relationship for the dealer that is perceived as poor.

Today, CRMs offer 1000 solutions to the 1000 newly developed needs of dealerships.  Some of the solutions are better than others, but they are necessary to manage internet leads, phone leads, ROI and many other areas of your business.  They certainly have their hands full in the ILM side of your dealership’s customer activity, what we at Showroom Tracker are focused on is providing dealers with an easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to pick up from day 1 set of software to monitor the showroom performance of your sales staff in a completely re-imagined way.

Our showroom television displays are an exciting and visually appealing alternative to the traditional sales boards dealers use to log their sales.  Showroom Tracker replaces the whiteboards, spreadsheets and pen and paper methods of monitoring your showroom activity with dynamic television displays that create a powerful and exciting visual that motivates your sales force, creates competition and drives sales.  Your displays are only limited by your level of creativity.

With Showroom Tracker, you can create targeted messaging in your showroom displays that brand your dealership to help convert service customers into new car sales. While you can also build showroom performance displays to run in your conference and training rooms to help keep your team motivated and in competition to lead your store.  We give you the tools to be as creative as you’d like.  By leveraging your showroom activity and the performance of your sales staff, you can give life to your showroom with Showroom Tracker.

To learn more about all that you can do with Showroom Tracker, we invite you to take a tour of our software and see what you’re missing.