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    admin // 10:36 am on March 2, 2013

    The Big Idea: How to Prevent YouTube Paid Ads from Playing on Your Channels 

    Paid YouTube ads can be an annoying hinderance to your showroom channels.  Showroom Tracker’s software is designed to allow you to leverage the power and scope of YouTube to build customized channels to your televisions that specifically brand your store and provide your customers with targeted ‘Why Buy Here’ information about your dealership.  Controlling your in-dealership content is a significant feature of the Showroom Tracker software.  In this blog post, we’ll detail how you can go even a step further and eliminate the annoying YouTube paid advertisements from interjecting into your channel.

    First, let’s describe what a YouTube paid advertisement is.  YouTube is at its core a search engine.  The content provided in the searches are all videos, but the function and process for delivering that content to a consumer is achieved in the same manner as any other search engine.  A user enters search terms that are relevant for the content they are seeking, and YouTube delivers the most popular and closest matches to the search terms provided.  How YouTube earns revenue is by offering advertisers the ability to place their ads in front of the videos that are most popular, or that are closely matched to the search terms they submit to buy.

    These advertisements can be at best an annoying interruption to your channels and at worst could actually broadcast the television commercials of some of your more savvy competitors.  

    Don’t worry, there’s a very easy to implement solution to stop these ads from playing on your channel.  Simply add the Google Ad Blocker, which you can download here, to any computers used to run channels on your televisions.  The ad blocker is designed to prevent paid advertisements throughout your web browsing experience and works wonderfully in eliminating the annoying paid ads that may pop up on your channels.  The software is FREE to download, though you may be asked by the developers to donate to support the software, which is completely up to your discretion whether or not to choose to do so.

    Simply follow the on-screen instructions to add the software.  The entire process takes about 30 seconds to add after following the download link. Remember though, that when launching your television channels, the Showroom Tracker software is optimized to run with the Google Chrome web browser.  So, in order for the ad blocker to work for you, you must download the blocker using your Chrome browser and not Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser which you may be more accustomed to using.

    Once the ad blocker software is installed as an app to your chrome browser, you’ll notice that the ads are gone the very next time you launch one of your customized channels to a television in your store.

    Your customers can now go back to enjoying Korean pop artists while they wait for their next oil change.


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    admin // 4:05 pm on February 23, 2013

    Simple CRM Integration Polishes the Showroom Tracker Experience 

    Have you ever had a salesperson “forget” to log one of their UPs in your CRM? Perhaps that customer was “just looking” or “they made it clear they weren’t ready to buy yet”. Certainly you’ve never heard a story like that from a salesperson in your store… The trouble is, for as fantastic as a CRM is, they are only as good as the information that is input into them.

    As a manager you know all of the truths. You know that while your store looks fancy, the staff has their fair share of winning smiles, and the free popcorn just can’t be beat, there are just better things to do on a Saturday afternoon than to stop by your store to be “just looking”.

    When a fresh UP comes onto your lot, they are in play. They’ve come to your home field and you hold the advantage of having prepped your playbook to own your turf. Allowing that customer to leave without at least collecting their basic information is just not acceptable. Not for you. Because as a manager, you know what you’ve invested in bringing that customer to your store. The advertising dollars, the branding, the ‘We’ve Gone Bananas’ Gorilla on your roof. You are deeply invested in the opportunity to sell that customer a car. Losing them without collecting their information is just asking for the dealer down the street close them on their turf.

    Because of this, you’ve likely put in place backup measures to make sure you at least have an on-paper recording of that customer’s visit. Whether it be a scratch pad, a spreadsheet file or a paper desk log pad, you’ve got some measure to ensure that you are recording all activity that happens in your store.

    Showroom Tracker takes that part, the manual part, the part where you chicken scratch your way through a customer’s sales progress and creates a simple to use, easy to understand, and quick to input way to monitor your traffic that will not only accurately record your UPs, but will also give you a dynamic management tool that removes the burden from your sales managers and takes productivity tracking to a level that will transform your sales force.

    Whether you’ve recognized it or not, you’ve been doubling your efforts to recording your UPs.  You’re tracking your activity through two methods in the hopes that the combination of the two will yield a single accurate recording of your store’s traffic that doesn’t allow for any customers to squeak through the cracks.

    With Showroom Tracker, you can log your UPs in our extremely easy to use software.

    Showroom Tracker's UP LogOnce logged, the customer information will automatically  feed to your CRM in the form of an ADFXML email lead.

    UP Email to Integrate with CRM

    From there, your BDC or Internet Department that handles internet leads will recognize the lead source as Showroom Tracker and know that the customer is presently physically at your store.  They can assign that customer to your salesperson and mark them as a showroom visit to ensure that the customer remains in the correct portion of your sales follow up process.

    In the meantime, logging the sales progress of your UPs in Showroom Tracker feeds throughout the Showroom Tracker software.

    This is where you truly see the power of Showroom Tracker come to life, as the showroom productivity information feeds your television displays.

    From Appointment Boards, Leader Boards, Goal Boards, Sales Boards, YouTube Videos, Box Office Slides, and our customizable Bottom Line Ticker to scroll your Sales and other information,


    Showroom Tracker empowers you to give life to your showroom like never before.

    Visit ShowroomTracker.com today to get a full demo of the software.



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    admin // 2:38 pm on January 30, 2013

    Showroom Tracker: A CRM we are not….nor would we want to be. 

    A common misconception with Showroom Tracker is that we are simply yet another CRM, which perhaps derives from the ‘Tracker’ portion of our name.  In reality, Showroom Tracker is not a CRM at all, and our primary intention is one that is very different from the typical CRM.

    It’s ironic really that the term CRM, which in itself means Customer Relationship Management, applies to the nature of the software offered to dealers to help them manage their relationships with their customer base.  Yet, often times the prevailing opinion among dealers is that their CRM is cumbersome, unreliable, expensive, difficult to train and not supported well by the vendor….all of which lend to a managed customer relationship for the dealer that is perceived as poor.

    Today, CRMs offer 1000 solutions to the 1000 newly developed needs of dealerships.  Some of the solutions are better than others, but they are necessary to manage internet leads, phone leads, ROI and many other areas of your business.  They certainly have their hands full in the ILM side of your dealership’s customer activity, what we at Showroom Tracker are focused on is providing dealers with an easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to pick up from day 1 set of software to monitor the showroom performance of your sales staff in a completely re-imagined way.

    Our showroom television displays are an exciting and visually appealing alternative to the traditional sales boards dealers use to log their sales.  Showroom Tracker replaces the whiteboards, spreadsheets and pen and paper methods of monitoring your showroom activity with dynamic television displays that create a powerful and exciting visual that motivates your sales force, creates competition and drives sales.  Your displays are only limited by your level of creativity.

    With Showroom Tracker, you can create targeted messaging in your showroom displays that brand your dealership to help convert service customers into new car sales. While you can also build showroom performance displays to run in your conference and training rooms to help keep your team motivated and in competition to lead your store.  We give you the tools to be as creative as you’d like.  By leveraging your showroom activity and the performance of your sales staff, you can give life to your showroom with Showroom Tracker.

    To learn more about all that you can do with Showroom Tracker, we invite you to take a tour of our software and see what you’re missing.

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    admin // 11:55 pm on January 22, 2013

    The Chromebook Solution 

    The Samsung Chromebook is the preferred solution of the Showroom Tracker team to run your television displays. Its low cost ($249 at the time of this writing), sleek and compact design, as well as its ease of use right out of the box, make the Chromebook the ideal computer solution to run your displays.

    You can purchase your Wi-Fi Chromebook by following this link:
    Samsung Chromebook on Amazon

    Do you have to use a Chromebook as the computer to run a television display?

    No. The Samsung Chromebook is simply our suggestion as we find it to be the most affordable and easy to use option. The Chromebook is ready to go right out of the box. It is purely a computer designed to browse the web, so the Chromebook does not come pre-installed with a number of unnecessary software items that you’d find when purchasing other personal computers.

    Can I use an existing PC or Laptop that is presently unused to run our television displays?

    Yes. The key is to make sure that your output is run via an HDMI Out adapter on your computer. Keep in mind that many older laptops and most desktops may not have this type of port. The HDMI is preferred over a traditional VGA port as the resolution and responsiveness will be crisper and perform better.

    Do I need a separate Chromebook or other pc option for each television that runs a display?

    Yes. Showroom Tracker is a web-based software utility. When running a display, each television is essentially being used as an over-sized monitor. The Chromebook, or other PC option, simply connects to the television in the same way you would connect a desktop computer to a monitor. The presentations are run via a dedicated URL that is run through the web browser of the computer device connected to the television.

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    admin // 7:09 pm on January 15, 2012

    How to: Launchpad Overview 

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    admin // 7:06 pm on January 15, 2012

    How to: Manage My Team 

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    How to: Add a Television 

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    How to: Navigate Between Locations 

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    admin // 6:50 pm on January 15, 2012

    How to: Update an Appointment 

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    admin // 6:49 pm on January 15, 2012

    How to: Add an Appointment 

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